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From the beginning of time beaded dresses have represented power and excellence. Only women of royalty and wealth could own and wear this type of dress. We offer no less. Our exclusive collection of beaded dresses are of stunning, breathtaking brilliance. They are handmade to your personal specifications and delivered to your door. Mr.Hewitt presents dance wear beyond your dreams and of the highest quality. Be at the front of the
line! Buy now and secure a dress to win in and overpower the competition.


Handmade to fit

customer’s measurements

Each dress comes with a guaranteed certificate of authenticity and replacement beads inside a protective box.

Highly skilled Artisan dress makers produce the entire collection under the supervision of Mr.Hewitt’s expert staff and these dresses will be made to your measurements and your choices of various colors.

Sewn to

the highest standards

Each dress is handmade and the dress fabric is designed for strength. Every bead is threaded and applied individually by hand sewing. Our simplest design may take a month, however some could take almost two months to create and complete.

Our dresses are truly the work of skill and love for the product.

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I've been a professional dancer my entire life . After wearing a Mr Hewitt dress I feel like a super star .

Carolynn , Miami | Florida 

I'm an entertainer in New York . My wardrobe manager ordered two Mr Hewitt dresses and I've never felt so beautiful wearing these dresses .

Susan , New York | New York

I've won the last three dance competitions wearing a Mr Hewitt dress. These dresses totally come to life with motion.

Patricia , Houston | Texas

Dancing in a Mr Hewitt dress is always a crowd pleaser . Currently, I'm waiting on my fourth Mr Hewitt dress .

Carla , Las Vegas | Nevada

I'm not a dancer or movie star. I just wanted a Mr Hewitt dress for a  New Year's Eve party. My husband said that I looked just as stunning as our wedding day.

Tricia , Dallas | Texas

When I'm in a Tango or Salsa Dance competition , my confidence level skyrockets wearing Mr Hewitt dresses.

Selena , Los Angeles | California 

After I received my first Mr Hewitt dress , I immediately ordered five more of  the same exact dress in different colors. My Fiancé loves the way the dresses move on me.

Amy , White Plains | New York

My dance partner says watching me dance in Mr Hewitt dresses makes him feel like I'm a celebrity.

 Julianna , Ft Lauderdale | Florida

When I perform in a Mr Hewitt dress,  I feel like a STAR!

Donna , Chicago | Illinois