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About Mr.Hewitt,inc.

Every dress has been created and designed in Mr.Hewitt’s studio and manufactured to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. Every dress that is crafted within the studio is unique and created to fit you, our customer, perfectly. The handmade dresses require four to six weeks to create the stunning beauty you expect. It has taken years to put together a team capable of manufacturing these creations to our highest standards. We know once you own one of our dresses, it will become an heirloom for the rest of your family.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at mr.hewittinc@gmail.com I would be delighted to assist you in any way I can. It is also possible to set up a SKYPE chat with you personally. My vision is to see women wearing and enjoying my creations as this is what truly brings these elegant creations to life. Whether you are a professional dancer or entertainer, you will feel special when you wear one of my creations. They are from a time gone by, and are out of this world in glamour and beauty.

Our Vision

To be the best that we can be….

Our team at Mr.Hewitt,inc. is here to serve you. Whatever your needs are, we will do our absolute best to provide it to you. Our vision is to create the most amazing performance dresses ever produced.We use the highest quality materials for our dresses and the finest beads from Japan. All the crystals are made by Swarovski and are sewn on (not welded) for strength.

We are a “people business”. We maintain all your records (in confidence) to better serve you in the future. We can and will work together to make the perfect dress for you.   

Please sign up for updates and news. We take pride in our dresses and post many of our customers submissions. Please feel free to post and promote your performance, without charge.

Mr.Hewitt creates new styles regularly. We hope you will be a regular visitor to our website so you can see all the new, amazing creations as we introduce them into our collection.

Our Team

We can work together to make the dresses of a lifetime.

Design and customer service is managed from the United States. Production is managed and controlled from our production unit in Thailand.

Matthew Hewitt

Mr.Hewitt, the owner and proprietor of Mr.Hewitt,inc has been designing his whole life and has now turned his vision for design into a reality for the fashion industry to see and appreciate.

Lee Francis

Certificate in Haute Couture from Alliance Francais (Bangkok)
Domus Academy in Milan, Italy
Lee is based in Thailand and has worked in the clothing industry for over thirty years. He holds a degree in Fashion and Textiles from Brighton University in England. His extensive experience makes production, fitting and logistics run smoothly.

Caroline Bres

Caroline, a Thai native, studied in the United States and at the University of Italy. She has been manufacturing couture dresses for many years. As a result of manufacturing for Thai celebrities, she has a vast knowledge of manufacturing techniques and of luxury fabrics.    

Prinya (Dom) Intaratit

Dom, although young, has had an illustrious career in the fashion industry. He has a Bachelor Degree in fashion from Rangsit University. He was first runner up in the 2006 Young Designer award. Dom also has a Certificate in Haute Couture from Alliance Français in Bangkok and a Certificate in Fashion and Design from Naba Design School in Milan.

Pacharamon (Pui) Kunpanya

Pui has been trained by us to undertake vigorous quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process. Each dress we make is checked against the size chart provided by you in your purchase order. Pui has the final “sign off” once the dress is complete and ready for shipment.

The Future

Mr.Hewitt has plans to introduce other collections in different and new areas of fashion. These will be emailed first to our sign up members, so please don’t forget to sign up. The concept of handmade and beaded dresses will remain, however the rest for now is secret.