At this time, it is difficult to find the skills that were prevalent in the early Twentieth Century. The only way to produce extravagant dresses is to train our own staff and it has taken years to complete our manufacturing team. We continuously train new staff to join our team and we are growing at a steady pace. Each artisan dressmaker learns all the skills and develops his or her strengths. Our facility in Thailand was chosen because of the Thai culture and the local’s natural dexterity offered a naturally talented group of individuals to work with us to create the beauty you see online and in person when you receive your personally created design. Each dress is handmade and the inner dress fabric is machine stitched for strength. Every bead is threaded and individually applied by hand. Our simplest designs take approximately four weeks to create and our more complicated designs may require up to eight weeks. Our dresses are truly the work of skill and great love of our final product.